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30.09.2001 - The English part of the site is completed.

30.06.2001 -  The Russian part of the site is completed.  

3.03.2001 - We are opened!

26.03.2003 - Restored "Audio archive" and "Video archive".Added one more video in "Video archive".

27.03.2003 - I added "No War" banner on the front page.STOP THE WAR IN IRAQ!!!

1.04.2003 - "Links" chapter updated.

17.04.2003 - Added "Search" feature on main page.

25.04.2003 - Index page updated.I added a couple Java applets.If you don`t have Java Runtime Enivroment , so please visit on: where you can get lt.

7.05.2003 - "Audio archive" chapter updated.Added some audio clips  with Diana`s voice."Links" chapter updated.

14.05.2003 - "Video archive" chapter updated.Added some video clips  from "Panorama" from 25 november 1995.

4.06.2003 - "Articles" chapter updated.Added a transcript of the interview with the Princess of Wales provided by the BBC. Parts of it will air on ABC-TV on Friday, Nov. 24, 1995.

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