Lyrics Poetry

Written by: Sveta Makarenko

The Island. 

Let me go! Ill swim away to the Island, 

Where my Guardian angel 

Sleeps in flowers quietly 


Let me go! It's so simple for you! 

Let me go! My heart bleeds to much! 

Let me go to that enchantress fairy, 

Why wasnt afraid to fascinate the whole  

World with her smile! 


Let me go! Let me go quicker! 

I can`t soothe my strange melancholy 

Let me go to the silence of the starfoll 

Ill find the way to the Island without a light 

Let me go! Don`t hold me, don`t 

Let me go to the Princess forever!! 


July 1998 . Adaptation by Tatyana Erashkina. 


The Fingers.  


I only kissed the fingers 

And my brain is already picturing: 

That I tore clothes away 

And saw you bare. 


I only kissed the fingers 

And the brain is picturing 

A blameless oval of the breast. 

Two bodies are in the invisible transport. 


I only observed etiquette, 

Kissing your hand of meeting 

I hope, your didn't see, no 

I sweet torment in my look?! 


I only touched the fingers, 

Indulging them with hot breathing. 

And gave my soul to the Devil, 

Enjoying our meeting in the brain! 


5.05.99. Adaptation by Tatyana Erashkina. 


Who has told, what a hell it - flame,
Hundreds sinners there burn?
Who has told, what a hell it - flame?!
Loneliness, that a hell!

Who has told, what Paradise it - Sky?
Star Garden,  of soul live? :
He in Paradise never also would not be
He knew: so Love call!

  3 02..99

I a tulip unopened, - the petals will fall down
Also spring becomes suddenly forgotten
For a pair of minutes.

And the spring will be dissolved in one summer,
As dawn a thin lock
Never, nobody will notice

That I wise had timeto become!


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