Alex Thorzevski
  • Full Name: Thorzevski Alexander Vladimirovich
  • Born: 26 February 1973
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Lives: city Taganrog,Russia
  • Favorite Female Singer: Belinda Carlisle
  • Favourite Records: Belinda Carlisle--Heaven on Earth,Belinda Carlisle--Runaway horses
  • Favourite Movie: Blue Velvet
  • Favourite Actress: Andy McDovell

Dear Visitors!

Welcome to the first Russian  memorial web site of Diana Spenser , princess of Wales .First ,I  would like to say 'Thank you' for  some people,who really helped  me with my website:

Sveta Makarenko (city Semipalatinsk) - she wrote a wonderful verses for my website.

Nicolay Blagih (city Taganrog) - he really helped me with a backgounds for my web pages.

Dimitry Blagih (city Taganrog) - he really helped me with a website construction.


Diana was my hero in many ways. I never knew or met her, but she was a part of me. The way she stood up for causes and herself was very brave. I always admired her bright ambitions and fair grace. She will live on in our hearts forever, as the Queen of Hearts, the People's Princess, and as England's Rose, never to wither away, nor die from memory, always there, engraved in our souls, her beauty, charm, and aspiration, never will we forget her, although she belongs to heaven, as the song goes. Another angel floating above our heads in the clouds, but a very special angel who enriched lives and touched hearts, her own made of pure golden spirit. We will never forget you, Diana, and we'll always love you, even after the candle burns out. Rest in Peace, sweet Princess.

God Bless you.

Alex Thorzevski.

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